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Impacts of the Space Debris Mitigation rules on the spacecraft design in Airbus Defence and Space

Daniel Briot1,Saturnino Val Serra1
Airbus Defence and Space1

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Publishing year2017 PublisherESA Space Debris Office Publishing typeConference Name of conference7th European Conference on Space Debris
Pagesn/a Volume
T. Flohrer, F. Schmitz


This paper will address Airbus Defence and Space approach to Space Debris Mitigation with a global system perspective from requirements to design and operations. A first part will consist in a review of the main Space Debris Mitigation rules (ESA policy, French Space Operations Act) and their impact on the spacecraft design. A second part will review the various studies and developments already performed by Airbus Defence and Space to support the implementation of these Debris Mitigation requirements in the design of the future LEO and GEO satellites. All main topics will be addressed: design for demise techniques, passivation needs and principles (fluidic and electric), re-orbitation and deorbitation strategies, and finally re-entry simulations issues. Priorities for future technology development will also be presented.