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Evolution of SST data acquisition standards: the TDM version 2, OSDM, and future plans

Alexandru Mancas1,Tim Flohrer2

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Publishing year2019 PublisherESA Space Safety Programme Office Publishing typeConference Name of conference1st NEO and Debris Detection Conference
Pagesn/a Volume
T. Flohrer, R. Jehn, F. Schmitz


ESA's SSA programme aims to contribute to data exchange formats and standards and support SST data acquisition. The need for timely and accurate SST data is increasing, driven by the recent launches of large numbers of small satellites and the announcements of several large constellations.

Several SST standardisation gaps have been identified, including exchanging information about a sensor/observing system, and photometric and RCS data together with astrometric data.

A new standard, the Observing System Data Message (OSDM) is in development with CEN/CENELEC. The CCSDS is preparing an updated version of the Tracking Data Message (TDM v2).

This paper introduces ongoing and recent standardisation efforts relevant to SST. Future anticipated needs and limitations will be discussed as well.