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Support tools for NEO observers

Krzysztof Langner1,Joanna Baksalary1,Grzegorz Taberski1,Rafał Renk2
ITTI sp. z o. o.1ITTI sp z o. o.2

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Publishing year2021 PublisherESA Space Debris Office Publishing typeConference Name of conference8th European Conference on Space Debris
Pagesn/a Volume
T. Flohrer, S. Lemmens, F. Schmitz


In recent years ITTI company was involved in many activities in ESA Space Situation Awareness programme. The goal of several of these activities was creating the observation supporting services for NEO observers. As result several on line tools are available to support different NEO observations aspects like observation campaign coordination, observation planning and scheduling, data exchange and result reporting. We want to present the application of following tools:
-NEO Data Exchange and Collaboration Service (NEODECS): repository of structured meta data on NEOs and platform for collaboration among NEO researchers, using elements well known in social networking. It also includes campaign coordination, and telescope sharing tools.
-Service for Archival NEO Orbital and Rotational Data Analysis (SANORDA): a service providing access to archival orbital and photometric data on near Earth Asteroids. It provides the user a convenient way to search and visualise the data.
-NEO User support tools: the aim of this project is to provide the NEO observers supporting tools that will be used for observation planning (for example obtaining object list, generating ephemerides, checking observability conditions) and reporting the results. The project includes seven separate tools: Observation Planning Tool, Sky Coverage Reporting Tool, Sky Chart Displaying Tool, Sky Calculator, Orbit 3D Visualiser, Earth and Mars Flyby Visualizer, NEO Educational Tool. They are dedicated to professional observers, amateurs and general public.
-NEO&SST Observation Assistant Service (NOAS): a tool for observation planning and scheduling. The plans are prepared according to SCM (Scheduling and Commanding Message) standard.
In the presentation we want to present the software tools. While the observer needs for Space Debris and NEO observers are different there is an overlap where the part of NEO software could be reused (with minor changes) in the context of space debris and we also want to discuss it in the presentation.