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Spacecraft Sheilding Layout and Optimisation Using ESABASE2/Debris

Bunte, K. D. 1, Destefanis, R. 1, Drolshangen, G.1
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Publishing year2009 PublisherESA Publishing typeConference Name of conference5th European Conference on Space Debris
Pagesn/a Volume
H. Lacoste


ESABASE2/Debris is the PC version of ESA's well-known ESABASE/Debris tool for the risk assessment and damage prediction of orbiting spacecraft. The paper briefly addresses the capabilities of the ESABASE2/Debris software, which are explained by means of its application to a selected analysis case.In particular manned spacecraft such as the modules of the international space station ISS, but also indispensable and expensive unmanned space assets require a proper layout of their shielding against impacts of space debris and meteoroid particles in the size range from tens of microns up to centimetres. It is shown how ESABASE2/Debris facilitates the optimisation of such shields.An outlook on further upgrades and extensions of ESABASE2/Debris is given, addressing also the implementation of further space environment related analysis capabilities, such as analysis of the effects of atmospheric and ionospheric constituents, or outgassing and vent analysis.