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A LGG Arrangement for Cut-Off of the Projectile Sabot

Ioilev, Andrey G. 1, Bebenin, Gennady V. 1, Kalmykov, Petr N. 1, Shlyapnikov, Georgy P. 1, Lapichev, Nikolay V. 1, Salnikov, Aleksander V. 1, Sokolov, Sergey S. 1, Motlokhov, Vladimir N.1
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Publishing year2009 PublisherESA Publishing typeConference Name of conference5th European Conference on Space Debris
Pagesn/a Volume
H. Lacoste


Usually, light gas guns (LGG) are used to accelerate projectiles for experimental study of spacecraft shielding performance under impact of space debris. A projectile is placed into polymeric non-split sabot to provide obturation of gas in the LGG barrel. After exit from the barrel, the sabot or its fragments that fly after the projectile, should be separated (cut-off) or deviated from the projectile flight-line. According to a novel approach, a special guard ring mounted at the barrel muzzle is used for fragmentation of a spherical projectile sabot at exit from the LGG barrel, and thin plastic bonded HE placed at the surface of a bush in the guard-plate is used to cut-off the sabot fragments. This approach was tried by numerical simulation and proved by experimental testing.