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Cataloguing Performance of a Proposed European Space Situational Awareness System

Olmedo, Estrella 1, Sanchez-ortiz, Noelia 1, Ramos-lerate, Mercedes1
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Publishing year2009 PublisherESA Publishing typeConference Name of conference5th European Conference on Space Debris
Pagesn/a Volume
H. Lacoste


In the framework of a potential European Space Situational Awareness System (ESSAS), a study of its capabilities has been done. Preliminary results for the capabilities of an ESSAS show good performances for the cataloguing operations. Performances of such system are reported in terms of observable population, timeliness of observations, system sensitivity and system redundancy.The simulation of the features of a possible ESSAS has been done by means of the Advanced Space Surveillance System simulator (AS4) developed by DEIMOS Space, under several ESA contracts.