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2018 beampark observations of space debris with the EISCAT radars

Juha Vierinen1,Daniel Kastinen2,Johan Kero2,Andre Horstmann3,Jussi Markkanen4,Holger Krag5
University of Tromso1Swedish Institute of Space Physics2TU Braunschweig3EISCAT4ESA5

Document details

Publishing year2019 PublisherESA Space Safety Programme Office Publishing typeConference Name of conference1st NEO and Debris Detection Conference
Pagesn/a Volume
T. Flohrer, R. Jehn, F. Schmitz


This study presents the results from beampark radar observations of space debris conducted simultaneously with the EISCAT Svalbard and Tromso radars between 4.1.2018. and 5.1.2018. The measurements are processed with a new range-velocity-acceleration matched filter bank, which doubles the coherent integration time compared with the previous analysis. This has the effect of doubling the sensitivity of the measurement. The observations are correlated with the NORAD catalog, which makes it possible to validate aspects of the radar sensor model, as well as to investigate the size distribution of non-catalog objects. The beampark data is compared with the MASTER model by using a statistical radar sensor model, which evaluates the expected number of detections per day for an object, given the orbital parameters and size of the object.