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Observations by SHOT at the Teplice Observatory

Zdeněk Moravec1,Bohuslav Matouš1
North-Bohemian Observatory and Planetarium in Teplice1

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Publishing year2019 PublisherESA Space Safety Programme Office Publishing typeConference Name of conference1st NEO and Debris Detection Conference
Pagesn/a Volume
T. Flohrer, R. Jehn, F. Schmitz


Sand Hill Optical Telescope (SHOT) is a new optical sensor dedicated for space debris observations and satellite tracking. The SHOT sensor is operated by the Teplice Observatory that is located 80 km north of Prague, Czech Republic. In the paper, we present observing methods and results of astrometric observations from the last campaign. We focus on accuracy of time measurement and epoch determination, which is crucial for precise orbit determination. The time bias is mainly contributed by the CCD shutter’s latency. Another source of error is the duration of the opening and closing of the shutter. The behaviour of the CCD shutter has been analysed and evaluated epoch correction will be applied to measurements.