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Additional note for exhibitors

Dear Exhibitor,

in addition to the info note for participants, please keep the following points in mind:

  • The time frame for registration of exhibitors personnel & setup of the booths on the 18.04. is between 09:30 h - 12:00 h (while 09:30 h being the official opening of the conference & 12:00 h being the official opening of the exhibition).
  • The booths must be completed, ready and manned for the official opening of the exhibition.
  • The official opening of the exhibition will be held in the Press Centre (room H05, ground floor, see map) at 12:00 h.
  • Please note that security will have to conduct not only luggage checks, but also the booth material must be checked.
  • If required, the site can be accessed by car in order to allow easy access to the conference centre. Please note that this needs to be communicated beforehand. Please contact Cornelia Eicher under
  • Any or all electrical equipment used in conjunction with the exhibit's installation, operation and dismantling shall be in good operable condition and tested according to DGUV 3. An electrician will be available for conducting tests of the equipment if needed.
  • The booths shall be dismantled on April 21 from 13:00 h.